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Gina Goodwin
“Tammy provided me with creative graphic designs for a wide range of print projects. She was easy to work with and delivered a timely, quality product.”

Brian Rieger
“As a manager with a small business, I had the unenviable task of finding great graphic design on a small budget. Tammy is a rare breed of graphic designer. She works with clients as a partner, offering valuable input without overwhelming the client’s objectives. She is versatile (something a surprisingly small number of designers can claim) in her ability to seamlessly move from web-based design to print work. Her work is innovative and creative. Better yet, it is punctual and her rates are reasonable. Finally, and best of all, she is easy to work with. Tammy is a true professional, and a top-flight designer.”

Michelle Esso
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Tammy on and off for the past five years. She delivers excellent work with speedy turnaround times. Her designs are of the highest caliber. Even with little direction, she is able to produce exactly what we need. She is always very responsive and able to produce quality work, even on short notice. I highly recommend her.”

Jean Gaetano
“Tammy has done great work for us. She’s very good at taking a general concept, even with unclear direction, and creating effective designs or layout. Her turnaround time is excellent and she is very responsive to new ideas or changes. I highly recommend Tammy.”

Annemarie Swift Donnelly
“If you need creative, accurate, and fast work, Tammy Schick is the only graphic designer you should consider. She turns a job around in a day, and is very knowledgeable about printing and mailing. You give her the job, and voila, a few days later it is on press and at the mailhouse. She is worth every penny you spend with her...a true professional that makes your job easier...and makes you look good. Every time!”

Tom Cooper
“Tammy’s work was always on-target and on-time. Rather than just giving us what we asked, she helped us determine what
we needed.”

Sakeenah Johnson
“Tammy is a reputable and experienced graphic designer. Tammy always brought my vision to light even under tight deadlines. I highly recommend Tammy’s graphic design services.”

Lauren Winsterman
“Tammy is a delight to work with. Not only does she provide quality-work on often short notice, but it is always on point with project strategy and cost. I’ve moved onto a new company - and wish I still had the capacity to hire freelance designers. I’d use Tammy again — in a heartbeat!!”

Jennifer Cherni
“Tammy has always done outstanding work and gone above-and-beyond to get the job done right, right now. Even when I had a crisis Tammy was always there to help us out. I couldn’t say enough about what an asset she has been to our marketing endeavors.”

Pat Faller
“I have worked with Tammy since 2001 and continue to rely on her for work that is not only visually clean and creative, but often provides significant problem solving.

Tammy works efficiently, with amazingly good turn-around time, and she is extremely conscientious about following graphic standards/guidelines. Moreover, she is not hesitant to do other aspects of project management when I am in a bind.

Tammy is conscientiousness, agreeable and effective. I consider myself fortunate to work with her, especially on projects with terrible deadlines, which, come to think of it, describes the great majority of projects.”

Brenda O'Toole
“Tammy is an amazing, detailed designer. We have enjoyed working with her on a variety of projects. Tammy's designs are always complete and ready to print. Her skills enable her to stand out in a crowd of designers!”